Juan D'Arienzo

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Juan D'Arienzo was born to Italian immigrant parents 14 December 1900 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He learnt to play the violin as a child, and his first jobs as a musician were in the theatres.

Director and orchestra leader

D'Arienzo's first orchestra actually recorded several tracks in the late 1920s. But it would be in 1935, with the sharp, energetic beat of his new orchestra, that D'Arienzo kick-started the Golden Age of tango in Buenos Aires. He did not play in this orchestra - he was orchestra leader and conductor.

As was common for the tango orchestras of the era, D'Arienzo's orchestra played music by many different composers. But D'Arienzo also composed some music himself. Among his most well-known tango compositions are "Nada más" and "Paciencia".


Like most of the other tango orchestras we know from the Golden Age period, D'Arienzo's orchestra both played at dances and made recordings. Later, they would also perform at concerts. There are some great videos on YouTube where we can see D'Arienzo in later years, conducting his orchestra before a live TV audience. My favourite is the one with singer Mercedes Serrano performing "Nada más". It has now been restored! Click here to see it.

D'Arienzo's life

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Explore D'Arienzo's music!

TANGO NOTES focuses on the music we use for dancing today. This means that the below charts and discography includes the genres tango, vals, and milonga recorded after 1927.

D'Arienzo's tango, vals, and milonga recordings

D'Arienzo recorded a few songs from other genres as well, like polca and ranchera. He also recorded in 1928.

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D'Arienzo's singers

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The singers in the traditional tango orchestras weren't considered to be big stars, like singers are today. They were just another musician - and most tango orchestras employed different singers. Later, the singer would gradually get a more prominent role in the orchestras.

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D'Arienzo's discography with listening examples!

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